Thursday, September 24, 2020

About Us

About Us 1

Mulan Activity Center is a child centered facility that is dedicated in building up intellectuals, and has the resources to meet the various needs of each child, encouraging and motivating children to become independent adults in future.

Our Mission

Mulan Activity Center is committed to providing excellent standard of care for the development of each child. through providing warm and friendly,safe environment..

we aspire to challenge and stimulate children to develop to their full potential through play, learning, and experience that are age appropriate.


  1. To provide a safe and secure environment allowing children the freedom to explore
  2. To meet each child’s individuals needs
  3. To create an atmosphere where children feel at ease and look forward to coming to the activity centre always
  4.  to encourage children to make decisions and choose activities which will promote independence
  5. To work in consultation with other professionals for the benefit of the children.
  6. To have fully qualified staff with training constantly being updated, accessed to maintain high standards of requirement and childcare practices


Our staff are well equipped with present day technology on how best to reach each child’s needs as we nurture and care for each child’s needs and bring out their God giving talents.

With constant upgrades with the BRITISH CURRICULUM, our staff are geared up to bring excellent tuition and  service to meet each child’s needs.

Our Services

We are running the BRITISH NATIONAL CURRICULUM from September 2019 and would be for Early Years(pre-school ages 3 months-5 years).

We do after school programs like:

  • Weekend drop offs,
  • Reading Club,
  • Homework Club (MON-SATURDAYS),
  • Library,
  • Weekend Playground,
  • Kiddy catering,
  • and Kiddy Salon Service.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is our duty as an organisation to help the less privileged and needy children. In view of this, we give access to the less privilege from orphanages to be around our facility to have fun at our playground from time to time and we also visit them and give them items and some materials to help in their daily living conditions.


Our contact numbers are: 0302943464/0302940951/0302940947

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Contact Numbers

0302 940 951 / 0302 940 947